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Kevin has successfully completed multiple searches for AbilityFirst. One key to his success is he takes the time to learn the culture of the organization by really listening to the key stakeholders. When he finds candidates with the required technical expertise, he thoroughly screens them to make sure they will be a good fit for the position and organization in all aspects. He is very strategic about his searches and communicates his progress every step of the way. I greatly appreciate his follow-up after the hire to ensure everything is going smoothly and to help prevent any future problems. Kevin provides excellent service and personal attention from start to finish.

Lori Gangemi, CEO

I have worked with Kevin as a candidate and was completely impressed with the quality of service he delivers. He did a great job of guiding me through the process; his follow-through, communication and persistence in finding the right fit for both client and candidate made the process effective and efficient.

Nicole Weaver-Goller, Sr. Director of Development

Kevin was indispensable in facilitating a nationwide Executive Director search process on behalf of a volunteer board. He efficiently and quickly arranged for the publication of the position and the subsequent presentation of pre-reviewed applicants which led to a very successful hire. As one of the Board Chairmen on the Search Committee, his level of support and professional insight was invaluable and significantly enhanced the ultimate credibility of the selection process.

Kenneth Wittenauer, Board Co-Chair

Kevin is much more than a recruiter. He is also a guide, consultant, and cheerleader. As is the case with most non-profit searches, there were many competing interests and priorities. Kevin helped us focus on what was important, skillfully navigated obstacles, and remained with us to be sure our candidate was also happy long after the hire. Be assured, you will not regret having Kevin on your team.

Elaine Martin, Board Co-Chair


Our board will ever be grateful for Kevin’s skill as a professional and authenticity as a person. The search process in which he engaged us was thorough and efficient. It resulted in our deeper self-knowledge as an organization, and the hire of an executive director who is capable, compatible with our board’s culture and committed to our mission. Acutely perceptive, Kevin articulated the struggles and strengths within our organization we had sensed but not previously been able to name. Then he executed a search process which led us quickly to a new executive director who is a perfect match for this chapter in our organization’s story.

Heidi Peterson, Board Co-Chair

Kevin truly went above and beyond to understand the unique needs of our organization. He took the time to learn about us and forged a ragtag group of board members into a strong Executive Director search committee. At the end of the day, our search was successful due to Kevin’s total commitment to helping us find the absolute best person to lead our organization. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this process.

Nathan Sobers, Co-Moderator

As a candidate in an executive search process, I could not have asked for a better experience than the one I received working with Kevin Chase. He kept me informed about the status of the process, guided the board of directors to engage in interviews in a thoughtful way, and cheered with me when I received an offer. I was able to join my new organization as the executive director feeling that the extremely positive, thoughtful, and careful experience I had in the search process experience with Kevin Chase was an excellent mirror to the organization, and set me on the path to success. Your organization could do no better than hiring Kevin Chase for your next executive search.

Alex McNeil, Executive Director

Point Foundation has greatly benefited from Kevin’s expertise. His commitment to identifying and securing appropriate candidates has resulted in top notch hires. Kevin has a keen understanding of the limitations often associated with the nonprofit sector and has turned those challenges into successes for Point. His follow through from start to finish is efficient and clearly effective. I highly recommend Kevin Chase Executive Search Group.

Kyle Spainhour, Chair Emeritus

Kevin was such a great person to work with throughout the process. He was always accessible and honest with me, giving me plenty of information about the organization, the search timeline, and next steps. It was honestly the easiest job search I’ve ever experienced, and I credit Kevin for a lot of that.

Adam Crowley, Development Director, West

Point Foundation

It was my distinct pleasure to work with Kevin on a long, arduous search for a Chief Development Officer. No matter how long it took, or how many candidates Kevin identified for us, he never lost his focus, his insights into our needs, or his humor. Walking that thin line of serving both the organization and the candidates is his specialty. If a search firm is needed, Kevin will always be the first call I make.

Jill Seltzer, Former Exec. Director

Kevin’s professionalism, thoroughness and connection to the client’s needs are the best I’ve ever experienced. He becomes an extension of his client’s organization and presents candidates with the right skills and character traits to thrive in the position for which he is recruiting. As a client, I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside a number of people that Kevin recruited into the organization – at every opportunity Kevin found the perfect person for the role. He understands the unique blend of what his clients need in the way of skills and abilities as well as the characteristics and traits needed to thrive in the company culture.

Ken Brissa, Former Mountain Pacific Regional Director

Kevin Chase provides outstanding service. He takes time to understand the culture and needs of the organization and uses that information to bring forward highly-qualified candidates. He is accessible, organized, and keeps clients and candidates informed on search status. We are very pleased with the results of the two searches we have completed with Kevin Chase and look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.

David Burkhardt, Vice President, Philanthropy

Kevin acted as a partner and guide throughout the process of choosing our first Managing Director. This is a vital role for our organization, and Kevin found us several highly qualified individuals to consider. At a time when the entire FAM Board of Directors had many things on its plate, Kevin took much of the stress and anxiety out of the search process. We believe wholeheartedly that we found the right person to lead FAM. And, we found Kevin to be fully and deeply invested in our success.

Mark Lehman, Board Chair, AIDS Monument Foundation (FAM)

From the first exploratory interview to the final interview, Kevin steered me through the process and prepared me for every step. He acted as an extension of the organization, with a keen sense for what FAM’s needs are and who would be the right fit for the position. I always knew exactly what was going on and felt like Kevin wanted me to be at my best for each step. I am loving my new job as Managing Director of FAM. Not that I’m on the other side, I appreciate how much Kevin helped FAM through a very important search process for their first and only staff position.

Michael J. Ferrera, Managing Director, AIDS Monument Foundation (FAM)